T4E 2019

Saarthi Programme

The objective of T4E conference is to bring together all colleagues in promoting learning and teaching through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). The conference is also expected to provide a forum for researchers to discuss new and scalable methods in the field of educational technology and pedagogy.

T4E 2019 is introducing a mentorship (Saarthi) programme, to assist the young researchers who are new to writing academic research papers. The Mentors will help the young researchers to convert their draft manuscript into a high-quality paper that meets the guidelines set by T4E committee.

How does the programme work?
  • Young Researchers

    Do you have a draft manuscript and interested to submit your work to T4E2019? If yes, fill in this form by 18th June 2019. We will match you with a mentor who is experienced in similar research areas.

  • T4E Mentors

    Are you interested in mentoring young researchers in your area of expertise to complete paper writing and submit to T4E 2019 on time? Please fill in this form by 18th June 2019. T4E will appreciate your mentorship.