Workshop Proposal

Overview: We invite workshop proposals for the 10th International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E 2019). Workshops provide an introduction to a topic of immediate interest and usefulness to the community. The exact workshop duration will be decided later, but they should be designed to range for 1½ - 2 hours.

Significant time in the workshop should be devoted to hands-on activities by the attendees, which may include interactive strategies such as think-pair-share, group discussions, collaborative editing, and programming. Workshop proposals will be evaluated for relevance, anticipated interest, quality, and availability of appropriate facilities.

Workshop proposal details: A 2-page workshop proposal is to be submitted for the review process. Proposals should contain the following information:

  • What are the objectives of the workshop?
  • Who is the intended audience for the workshop?
  • What will be the take-away from the workshop for participants?
  • What is the motivation and rationale for including the workshop in T4E 2019? How will it address the overall themes of the conference?
  • What is the outline of the content of workshop? Please include the topics to be addressed and approximate times required for each topic.
  • What is the format of the workshop? Since the workshop should encourage interaction among participants, please specifically include - what types of hands-on activities or interactive strategies will be used during the workshop?
  • What is the prior experience of proposers relevant to the workshop? Have the proposers conducted similar workshops before?
  • What equipment is required?
  • What, if any, is the preferred number of participants?
  • References relevant to the proposal.

Deadline for submitting the proposals is August 26, 2019